Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New updates for Clan Wars: Dismiss Troops, More Stats, Edit War Base

It seems that Supercell is listening to what update should be added or modified on the current version of Clan Wars sourced from the members on its forum. This week Supercell teased us with some of the updates that will be us getting on the next update.


DISMISS TROOPS. Who wants to see his/her Castle filled with Goblins for Clan Wars?! We can now dismiss troops from the castle if we think that it is not suitable for the player requesting. I just don't know if the Co-leaders and Leaders have just the only right or the whole clan including Elders to Members.

MORE STATS. Want to know more what happened after the war? Soon you can view several statistics that will appear after the war. I think this will help the Leader and Co-Leaders to decide on the players that are good and those that need more support for the next Clan War.

EDIT WAR BASE. In the old version, what your base looks on normal setting becomes your war base. Through this update, you can modify the war base without changing anything on the normal setting of your base. This will help you to design and arrange defenses according to what you like. Less time to arrange your base for a clan war.

Let's see what other updates are waiting for us. Keep clashing! :)

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